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Sweet Inspirations offers hands-on training courses in Sugar Craft. Each of these training courses is run by a fully qualified and professional pastry chef. Classes are kept small to ensure the trainee gets a more one-on-one time with the trainer.

Contact Us for the Full Course Curriculum Details

The training course details are as shown below:-


Come and join us to make mouth-watering cakes. This course will cover all the skills that you will need to make different types of cakes to use for all kinds of special occasions.

Level 1: Sugar Craft Foundation Level

In this level/ class, the apprentices will be introduced to the skills and techniques in sugar craft. Having a strong foundation is vital in any hands-on course so, anyone not comfortable with their existing skills should not skip this level.

Level 2: Sugar Craft Intermediate Level

The ability to create flowers in sugar is extremely rewarding and enables you create wonderful cake decorations for all occasions.

With expert guidance, you will learn how to make a realistic display of sugar flowers and foliage and wire them into a simple arrangement, perfect for a celebration cake. The course will cover all the necessary techniques, processes and methodology

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Level 3: Sugar Craft Advanced Level

A fast-track, intensive and professional course designed to cover the key skills in sugar craft. Over a period of two weeks, you will undertake in-depth theory and practical work, learning about marzipan, royal icing, sugar paste, sugar flowers and pastillage

Make sure you come with following for the training: –

• » A note book
• » A pen
• » An apron
• » Comfortable shoes
• » Head covering

For more information about our training courses call us on +254 722 686 750 or +254 722 686 750 or just send us an email.